HArmonyCa™ is a dual effect Hybrid Injectable that combines hyaluronic acid (HA) with calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) in one single injection and may improve skin architecture by providing an immediate lift from HA and a sustained lifting effect from new collagen production associated with CaHA.1–3,*,†,§

CaHA, calcium hydroxyapatite; HA, hyaluronic acid.

* Results from a prospective and non-randomised interventional study where HArmonyCa™ was injected in the preauricular region of 15 women. The primary endpoints were the volumetric changes at Day 180. Secondary endpoints included changes in facial tension vectors, time to filler tissue integration and safety profile.2

† Ultrasound and elastography examinations were performed using the Samsung HT 30 ultrasound machine and the ElastoScanHS30/XH30 respectively (Samsung Healthcare Global). When compared to baseline, an increase in density, viscoelasticity, and firmness of the tissue was observed at 60 days and then confirmed at 90 days after treatment. At 180 days after treatment an increase in collagen in the treated areas was confirmed.2

§ Results from a pre-clinical animal study of HArmonyCa™ with results demonstrated over 12 weeks which showed that HArmonyCa™ lead to an instant lift following injection.3

HArmonyCa™ Lidocaine is referred to as HArmonyCa™.

1. Allergan Aesthetics. HArmonyCa™ Lidocaine Instructions For Use. M049 V02 Oct 2022.
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* The product is intended for professional use only.

Injectable facial filler

Consists of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres of 25-45 microns diameter (55.7%), cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel (20mg/ml), phosphate buffer, lidocaine hydrochloride (3mg/ml) - 2 syringes Χ 1,25mL

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